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Long Time No Post

David Hill, did you get my birthday wishes? All I got from you was a friendly nudge to post on here after my usual long absence. Hit the reply button, man!

Anyway, I've titled the sections so that those of you who are actually going to read this can skip the parts that don't interest you.

What's for Dinner
Right now I'm trying to decide what I want to eat for dinner that can be delivered to me as there is no way in hell I'm going out in that shit anymore than I'm going to have to this week.

Where Have I Been?
What's been going on? I've been working at Brightcove. That's taking up most of my time. The rest of my time is spent trying to use the few hours I have left that aren't spent eating and sleeping to actually do my freelance work. If there's time left over after that, I work on my own projects. Luckily Brightcove is fun, so I'm not bitter. Well, maybe just a little, but that healthy amount of bitterness that keeps you wanting to work even after you've worked an 11 hour day.

You Bought a PC?!
I got a PC laptop to join the family. Of course, it has the mandatory OSx86 installed on it, even though neither the sound or network card work with it. I have to use Windows at work and I've wanted to have a PC around the house anyway for testing sites so I got a fun little Toshiba tablet. It's fast and kind of fun. I really wanted one of those cheaper, dinkier, and crappier (yet faster) Averatec machines for the design and the form factor but Colin assured me if I didn't buy from Lenovo, Toshiba, or HP, I'd be pretty much committing to owning a laptop that would break in a year while having zero ability to obtain parts for it. When I got the Toshiba at Microcenter, the sales guy was relentless about the service plan. I kept telling him that my friend (Colin) would be able to fix it and he kept telling me that I won't be able to get parts. I kept telling him that my friend (Colin) could get parts because he works at a repair center that has a deal with Toshiba. The guy then told me he has a BA in Computer Science, which apparently means he knows how the industry works (I didn't know they taught business to computer science majors?). I really wanted to say "so why are you working at Microcenter?" but I just said "I'm not getting the service plan (and may I be damned to hell)." Anyway, while I still don't like Windows, I've gone from hating 95% of it (the start bar has always been my favorite thing about any operating system ever—I fucking love it and I wish somebody would make a OS X replacement for the dock) to hating 80% of it. Hell will freeze over if that number falls to 49%, which won't be so bad because I'm going there for not buying the service plan (and, of course, Everybody Fuck the Bear!) and I just bought a bunch of winter clothing.

Things are moving forward with Wing and her upcoming CD. You may be aware of the recent Elvis release, but if not, you should know that it contains a remix of Suspicious Minds that I did (if you want to go to the actual WingTunes page, click here). You'll also notice the Suddenly, Seymour duet. I think we're going to be doing a duet of Beauty and the Beast for the next CD, but she hasn't made up her mind if she wants to do that or do it by herself (something about cost, but I've alleviated some of the cost for her by offering to mix/master the CD for free, so I don't know). As if I haven't mentioned this twice before, you can look forward to her first foray into Spanish music on the next disc with Shakira's Inevitable. I'm hoping with the more modern stuff she's doing on the next CD, she'll catch the eyes of some of these newer singers. She's considering a US tour so we can only hope. If you're interested in seeing Wing come to the US, visit her web site and tell her so she knows the demand is here. Lastly, we may be adding some songs from Rocky Horror and Hedwig, so stay tuned. I just learned Midnight Radio the other day for her, so hopefully that'll be on the next one.

The Best Thing Ever
If you're in Boston and you haven't seen, get on your ass and check it out. Even if you're not in Boston you should look at it so you can be jealous of us. It's the most convenient food ordering system I've ever used. I can order dinner in about 30 seconds and there are no special costs associated with it (no more than you'd pay for delivery if you called the place, and sometimes delivery is free when using Foodler as a lot of places prefer you use it). So, it really is the best thing ever. I occasionally send them e-mails to tell them how great they are. It's really made my life easier when I don't have time to figure out food.

Current Projects
I'm nearing the half-way point of my information management software that I'm working on for my own personal use (and the use of anyone else who so desires to use it). I'll probably actually post something about that in here. It'll be neat. I'm also going to do a video about a gay guy who idolizes Hitler, but it's going to be awhile before I get to that. I'm going to have to shoot part of it in a club and that's either expensive or difficult to arrange or both. Lastly (although there are quite a few other little things), I'm trying to market PoJ more effectively as well as get more content. Hopefully that'll happen soon, but I need time to manage it and it's hard to find it.

Uh, that's it for now. I've wasted enough time writing this. E-mail me if you want to talk! Jeez...
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MacBook No More

Hey, um, when was the last time I wrote anything in this?

Anyway, if you know or not, I ordered a MacBook Pro after the keynote last week. I was very excited and then I started reading about how tons of shit has been stripped from the machine. I figured I could live with that since it was fast, but then I got the Photoshop benchmarks under Rosetta. They're equal to the performance of a 1Ghz G4. I did tests on my current G4 and it's 25-30% faster than the Core-Duo's Photoshop speeds. Of course, this will be remedied when Adobe puts out a Universal Binary, but may I remind you how long it took them to port to OS X? Longer than anyone else. They announced quickly after the Intel announcement last summer that they weren't too happy about it because Jobs made it sound like it was an easy thing to do. They said it would be at least a year before their applications were portable to the new architecture. What's the point in getting a slower machine? Additionally, the benchmarks Apple used to come up with those 4-5x faster figures were skewed. I'd get into it but it's explained much better by Tom Yager (original page here):

Apple has bought itself another controversy, and once again, needlessly. It's not exactly a dark cloud over the announcements of its new machines, but it'll be a topic of conversation here and elsewhere, and an issue for which Apple will have to answer.

In short, Apple used multiprocessor benchmarks to skew the performance advantage that its Intel-based machines enjoy compared to single-core PowerPC G4 and G5. Apple used the industry-standard SPEC suite components SPECint2000 and SPECfp2000, but here's the catch: Apple used SPECint_rate2000 and SPECfp_rate2000. Both tests spawn multiple parallel benchmark processes and are specifically intended for comparing multiprocessor systems. Single CPU, or single-core machines do positively lousy on SPEC*_rate2000 tests. That's predictable and universally understood. Add a second CPU or a second core and, as you would expect, SPEC*_rate2000 performance on any multiprocessor-optimized test skyrockets compared to a single-processor box.

Apple uses SPEC*_rate2000 tests as a foundation for claims that Intel-based Macs outperform PowerPC G4 and G5 by a factor of 2 to 5. Well, yeah. A dual-core anything outperforms a single-core anything else by a factor of 2 to 5 in benchmark tests that make use of multiple threads or processes, tests crafted specifically for the purpose of stressing SMP-based systems. It's murky marketing, and the sad part is that Apple didn't have to resort to it to make Apple's PowerPC-to-Intel switch look like a smart one. Mac users have no choice, and users also know more or less what to expect performance-wise.

I wish I didn't have to bring this out. I'm no less excited about the new Intel-based Macs and Apple's updated creative and productivity apps. But I can't let questionable benchmarks get by; I serve readers, not Apple.</blockqute>

Anyway, I'd wait on the Intel Macs, especially the MacBook. Supposedly this was all very premature and much better stuff is on its way, with the Sony Vaio guy assisting with the new product design.
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Ho Ho Ho

After much deliberation and the first hot chocolate I've had in somewhere nearing 10 years, I've decided that I'm going to do a Christmas Album (nothing long, just an EP). I think I'll call it "Too Late for Holidays", and it will feature a song called "Santa's Nipples".

If I get around to it...

...then again, it's never too late to be too late for the holidays.
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Patrick Stewart!!

My aunt Toni (as opposed to my mom Toni) sent the family a quiz for some reason. I ended up as...

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Normally I don't take these things because they suck but if you know me, you know how much I like Patrick Stewart :). So this is an exception!
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Photoshop TV

I've been so tired this week. I don't know why. It's been a good week, I'm just exhausted. It's really nice out today. I stayed out as long as I could with the cold figuring it'd keep me awake. Didn't work. Anyway, if you have any tips (besides drugs—caffeine counts) for staying awake, let me know.

In the meantime, here are some types for you from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals:

Photoshop TV!

I just subscribed, but if you've ever ready a Scott Kelby book you know how funny he is. Even if you don't use Photoshop that much, it'll probably be fun to watch his segment. Besides, apparently, this week you can win an iPod Nano.
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Mike Kalinsky Has Asthma

By happenstance, I came across this video today. A kid at my school named Matt James made it. I think it's great. It kind of reminds me of Lamb Chop (the musician, not the puppet), but in a more accessible way.

I actually found it when looking for music by Jim Hanft, who I've had a few classes with (same has Matt) and who's in my Studio Recording class. He played a song he wrote today and it was good so I wanted to find music by him. I found music and videos online, the videos led me to more videos, and I found some short film he didn't do but did the music for—Matt James was the lead role. I tried to find the film and I found this video instead. The end! Anyway, I'm mentioning all that crap because, when I get around to it (my power's being shut off for a little bit in just a little bit), I'm going to link to a couple of videos Jim Hanft did, because they're really funny. Interesting how I went looking for music and haven't gotten to it yet, huh?

Anyway, enjoy.

Update: The Mike Kalinsky song is a song by Clem Snide. Now I'm trying to figure out the motive behind this video. Was it just for fun, or is that guy really named Mike Kalinsky?
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